Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You should have a blog!

Alright then, I WILL!

OK, now what?

I know, I'll complain about stuff. How about when an advertiser has something good going and decides to change it, just for the sake of change. Makes me crazy. Today, an agency producer sent me a rough cut of a new TV spot to look at and asked me to help them choose some new music for it. Thing is, it looked a lot like the old TV spot. Same format, graphic treatment, same pace, same announcer, you get the idea. I suggested that since they were sticking with the same look and feel they should consider keeping the track the same. Campaign equity, branding, message consistency, I used all the buzz words. "Nope, we're tired of that music". Not the end client, mind you. The agency is tired of that music. Perhaps that's because they've heard it about a hundred times for every one time the television audience has heard it. Honestly, I'm sick of it too, having heard it about a hundred times more than the folks at the agency have. But the TV audience is no where near as in tune with it as we are. In fact, when I asked one of the folks that works in my office about it, she said "I like that music, I know when I hear it, even if I'm in the other room that it's a (insert client/product name here) spot".

But why should I care? After all, a music drop is a music drop, right? I get paid the same either way, right? Nope, still makes me crazy.

That felt really good. I think I like this blogging thing.

The Mound

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